Canvas and Mirror Spinner Display

Spinner can hold 36 LED Canvases or 144 Mirrors or a mix of both Canvases and Mirrors.  Spinner is free when ordering £350 worth of stock of Canvases and/or Mirrors.

Free offer applies to all orders above £350 which include a minimum of 24 LED Canvases or 48 Mirror Masks or a combination of both. The FDU has 12 shelves (4 per side) and each shelf can display 2 LED Canvases or 8 Mirror Masks. All LED Canvases are packed in 2's and all Mirror Masks are packed in 4's.

Single Unit Cost: £75.00
Pack Size: 1
Pack Cost: £75.00
Item Number: 31P2000
Size: 30x42cm