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Wellbeing Activities for Children

May 13, 2021

Wellbeing Activities for Children

It is so important to look after our wellbeing and take time to talk to one another. This mental health awareness week we wanted to take a look at some fun, everyday activities that can support children’s mental health and development. 

So, what activities can we do to improve the wellbeing of little ones? Here are just a few ideas that Team Floss & Rock have come up with, have you any activities that you do with your children to encourage them to look at the world around them and appreciate their achievements? Leave your idea in the comments below or get in touch via our Facebook, Instagram or Youtube channels to let us know! 

  • Take some time to talk. A simple, 10-minute chat about the day and our feelings can be more productive than any activity as it helps us to communicate and make peace with any frustrations we might be holding in.
  • Relish in some quiet time and read a nice book, this mindful activity can be very relaxing for children (and it’s always a great feeling as you edge closer to finishing the book!) 
  • Get creative in the kitchen! Teaching children a new culinary skill can be hugely rewarding, it can also give them a greater connection with the meals they eat. When things get messy in the kitchen, our trusty wipe-clean tabards are a fantastic way to keep outfits clean and tidy. 
  • Spend some time doodling. Releasing some artistic flair on the page of a notebook or sketchbook and looking at your child’s achievements can be really rewarding for them (and for you, too!) If an artistic activity that creates a little less mess is what you’re after, our Magic Water Cards are a soothing creative activity to keep little hands busy (without the clean-up after!) 
  • Get outside and have a look around. Focusing on planes and birds in the sky, noises of leaves or bird song are great mindfulness activities for children.